The Dragonfly flying to the moon

The dragonfly flying to the moon is the short animation that I have been working on since 2009 during my free time. I got the inspiration of the story telling from budhism studies. I was amazed by the idea of how to see the world in the different way. It drove me to create a short simple story to depict this alternative way of thinking.

The story is about a little girl, born without gravitation. She was raised by her wise grandmother who worked as a gardener. The girl learned how to due with her exceptional condition (no gravitaion) by the help of her grandmother. The story gradually built up the idea of livng and dying from the perspective of the little girl.



The dragonfly flying to the moon: Animatic: 10:50 min : No sound


Character Sheet and Some Sketches

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Working Progress

Preproduction was done in March2011. Now, the project is during the animating progress.

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