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Superbarbara Saving the World is a hand drawn animation reflecting on recurrent problems in the world that are never solved. Different 'episodes' in the animation refer to different problems - each is instantly and universally recognisable not only because they are found everywhere, but because everywhere there is the same frustration for anyone who attempts to solve them.  Sometimes, there is someone showing up and trying to fix those problems, but sooner or later our so called 'Hero' just disappears and the troubles are still going on. What happened and Why?”

Superbarbara is an old-style sex doll transformed from sex toy to savior of the world. She has her own way to solve problems. However, Superbarbara is both hero and victim of the problems. The animation reflects on how we handle the world around us. 
Superbarbara Saving the world started in 2011. The work has continuously created since then. Now, the project consists of 11 episodes:Cross, The Thinker, Blowing Job, Respirator, Meditation on Water, When the time comes and Feeding the poor, The plant, Strategic Defense Initiative, Reading Out Loud, Giving and Taking.



Superbarbara's character sheet



The Thinker The Thinker
Blowing Job

Blowing Job

Respirator Respirator
Meditation on Water Meditation on Water
When the Time Comes When the Time Comes
Feeding the Poor Feeding the Poor
The Plant The Plant
Strategic Defense Initiative Strategic Defense Initiative
Reading Out Loud Reading Out Loud
Giving and Taking Giving and Taking
The White Crows The White Crows

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Exhibiting and Screening

Theme: A Time for Dreams
26 June 2014- 10 August 2014

June 7-22, 2014
Hors Pistes Tokyo film festival

Singapore Biennale

26 Oct 2013 - 16 Feb 2014
Singapore Biennale, Singapore

Aichi Triennale
10 Aug 2013 - 27 Aug 2013:
Aichi Triennale , Japan

16March - 19 April 2012
Osage Gallery Kwung Tong. Hongkong

17-20 May 2012
Hongkong International Art Fair 2012     

11 Aug 2012 - 8 Sep 2012               
BUG Gallery, Bangkok University,
Nov 2012
Visualising Human Rights Arts
Competition, Australia


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